Set it and Forget it with Online Directories

Many marketing campaigns take constant maintenance. Facebook ads need to be managed, and print ads need to be proofed and updated. Campaigns often require constant tinkering.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing through an online directory though, simply by creating a listing for your business, is very low maintenance. Once a listing has been created, you can essentially set it and forget it.

When a business listing has been created properly from the start, there is little that needs to be done in the future with the listing. If the entire profile is filled out, and all the rules of specific directories are followed, then you can likely leave it as is for a little while. It shouldn’t require a lot of micromanaging.

Only Occasional Updates Needed

That’s not to say though, that a listing will never need to be managed. When information within a listing is out of date and incorrect, it can backfire on the business. The listing’s ranking within the directory might fall, and the ranking of the business’ website may also fall in the search engine result pages.

Because of this, it’s important to make sure your listings are updated any time there is a major change. If the business moves, has a new phone number, or changes its website’s domain address, it’s crucial that the listings are changed to reflect that right away.

Two or Three Yearly Checks

Even when major changes haven’t been made within the business, you should still review your listings every four to six months. The information should be checked to ensure accuracy and reviews should be read to ensure you haven’t missed any. At this time, you can also update the listing with new photos, videos, or posts.

The time spent every several months to review and update your listing needn’t be very long. Without verification processes and registration forms to fill out, it will take just a fraction of the time it did to create the listing. And it will certainly be much less time than what is spent on other types of marketing campaigns.

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